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Paths to Medicine Outreach Event

Posted by fracol on May 26, 2015 at 8:20 PM Comments comments (61)

Each year EBS organizes a career in medicine day for high school girls who have completed the Penn Academy for Reproductive Sciences program. The event aims to provide the students with opportunities to learn about paths to medicine and different fields of medicine. This year, on May 2nd, the girls participated in hands-on skills workshops in knot-tying and taking vitals, a pathology case, a panel discussion with women in various stages of their medical training, and a lunch with panelists and all of our volunteers!

Matriarchs of Penn Med

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On April 9th, EBS hosted its annual Matriarchs of PennMed dinner panel.


We managed to gather

• Dr. Gail Morrison (Senior Vice Dean for Education, nephrology)

• Dr. Rachel Kelz (EBS faculty advisor, endocrine and oncologic surgery)

• Dr. Cindy Christian (Assistant Dean of Diversity and Inclusion, Endowed Chair in Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect)

• Dr. Emma Meagher (Director of MTR program, Associate Dean of Admissions, cardiology) and

• Dr. Iris Reyes (Dickens House Dean, emergency medicine)

all in one place at the same time. So much concentrated woman-doctor-power! JMEC might implode!

These amazing ladies shared their unique paths to their current positions, offered advice on self-advocacy in the workplace and pursuing career interests. We are so thankful that they took the time out of their busy schedules to share their wisdom with our students.


Caring for Female Veterans

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On Friday, March 27th, EBS and the Penn Med Veterans group co-hosted a lunch talk by Dr. Francesca Engel, Medical Director of the Women's Health Program at the Philadelphia VA Medical Center. Dr. Engel shared the unique considerations, challenges and opportunities involved in providing medical care to female veterans.

Helen O. Dickens Commemorative Lecture in Medicine

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On February 19th, the Elizabeth Blackwell Society had the honor of taking part in the 6th Annual Helen O. Dickens Commemorative Lecture in Medicine, This event is sponsored by the Program of Diversity and Inclusion and celebrates the role of pioneering women in medicine.


This year's award recipient, Byllye Y. Avery, is the founder of the Black Women's Health Imperative, which is committed to defining, promoting and maintaining the physical, mental and emotional well-being of Black women and their families. She is also a co-founder of Raising Women’s Voices for the Health Care We Need, a national initiative working to make sure women’s voices are heard and women’s concerns are addressed as policymakers put health care law into action.


After the lecture EBS board members were invited to a private luncheon with Ms. Avery. We feel so privileged to have had the opportunity to hear from such an inspiring and trail-blazing women's health advocate!

MS4/Resident Round Robin Q&A

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On February 10th, PennMed's awesome MS4s and FOCUS residents imparted their wisdom and answered many MS1 questions on topics ranging from academics, clerkships, relationships, research and year-out opportunities, and choosing a specialty.

Grad Women Mixer

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Our first Grad Women Mixer was a great success! Women of Penn’s various graduate schools met and chatted while enjoying wine and light refreshments. We had a wonderful time sharing our experiences pursuing professional degrees, and meeting inspiring and passionate women outside the PennMed bubble!

Women representing Penn’s graduate schools included:

-Penn Law Women's Association

-Wharton Women in Business

-Nursing Graduate Student Group

-Black Graduate Women's Association

-School of Social Policy and Practice

-School of Veterinary Medicine


Community Event

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On May 16, 2013, EBS held an event with the Penn Academy for Reproductive Sciences in partnership with the Penn Fertility Care, "Path to Medicine," to introduce 23 Philadelphia high school girls to medical careers.  The event included the following sessions:



  • Introduction to Healthcare Professions
  • Paths to Medicine Panel
  • H&P Case Study with Gross Pathology & Anatomy
  • Suturing Workshop 
  • Lunch, Q&A Discussion 


The high schools girls and EBS members had a great time.  Take a look at pictures of the event below!

Winter 2013 EBS Events Update

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Winter 2013 EBS Events Update

This semester EBS has been busy holding events surrounding the topics of women in medicine and mentorship. Moving forward, we will continue to address these topics, with the hopes of engaging people from all gender identities. Take a look at what we've done so far:


Janurary 22, 2013

First Brown Bag Lunch Discussion - Our first topic was broad: Concerns about Being a Women in Medicine. To get discussion started, we watched part of Sheryl Sandberg's TED Talk, Why We Have Too Few Women Leaders. Our goal for our Brown Bag Lunch Discussions is to get together over lunch time once a month or so to discuss various issues of interest surrounding women in medicine. We hope to create a comfortable, casual environment for people to share and discuss.


January 31, 2013

MS1-Upperclassmen Mentoring Social - We hosted a "round robin" social during which MS1s rotated from group to group and discussed different topic during each rotation. Topics included mentorship, clerkships, choosing a specialty, residency applications, year out, and scholarly pursuits. Everyone enjoyed tasty refreshments and conversation full of useful advice.

February 21, 2013

Faculty Mentor Speed Dating for Penn Women Medical Students- Co-sponsored with UPenn's FOCUS on Health and Leadership for Women, this event was a great opportunity to meet and chat with female physicians from across the Penn Medicine community. Thanks to FOCUS for organzing a great event!

Feburary 26, 2013

Mentorship Advice Panel - A panel targeted to all medical students (males, females and people of all gender identities) to get advice and ask questions about how to establish a great mentor-mentee relationship. Our panelists included Dr. Rajesh Aggarwal MD PhD MA FRCS, Instructor in Gastrointestinal Surgery, Dr. Joan M. Von Feldt, MD, MSEd, Associate Chief of Staff, Education, PVAMC, Rachel Yang, MS4, expert mentee. Thanks to our panelist for a great session of advice!


April 7, 2013

Community Health Fair, Women's Nutrition Booth - In partnership with the Medical Student Government of the first year class, EBS put together a fun and educational nutrition booth for a community center in West Philadelphia. The booth included a demo of health snacks and parfait making, as well as handouts on tips for good nutrition. Thanks to MSG and the Community Center for organizing and hosting!


New Board

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EBS has a new Board!

The new board wishes best of luck to the outgoing board as they journey to the clinical part of their medical training.  The new board members are excited to make 2013 a great one for EBS.  

While building on the strong foundation established by previous Elizabeth Blackwell Society members, the current board aims to:

  1. Cultivate concrete, practical skills that Penn women can use to envision, define, and pursue a career of their design. Examples include establishing productive mentor-mentee relationship, networking, exploring specialties, being a successful leader, overcoming barriers, and balancing a personal life. Many of the talks held in past years will be repeated, but with more of an emphasis on offering specific, applicable advice and skill building.
  2. Foster an environment both at Penn and in the larger medical community that is supportive of women in medicine. This will require raising awareness of relevant issues as well as encouraging camaraderie and collegiality among all members of the community. 

We look forward to an exciting and educational year!

The EBS Board

A Panel on Being the Gender Minority

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This evening, EBS hosted a panel featuring women physicians in traditionally male dominated specialties and vice versa.  Our panel consisted of Dr. Catherine Mayer from Sports Medicine, Dr. Andrea Evenski from Orthopedics, Dr. Steven Sondheimer from Obstetrics and Gynecology and Dr. Kevin Dysart from Neonatology.  The panel addressed concerns students may have when applying for residency in a field in which they may be the gender minority, dispelled myths about how the gender make-up does (or does not) affect patient care and how to find mentors within whatever field one chooses to help one succeed.