The Elizabeth Blackwell Society

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The Elizabeth Blackwell Society (EBS) seeks to inspire, empower, and connect women in medicine. EBS is a student run group dedicated to highlighting the accomplishments of women in medicine, providing tools and support for women to address the unique challenges they face in medicine, and fostering relationships between faculty and students.

Some of the most important activities sponsored by EBS include a faculty-to-student mentoring system, a student-to-student mentoring system, regular talks and panels featuring healthcare providers and leaders in medicine, and an annual service event with local Philadelphia high school students.

EBS is an official chapter of the American Medical Women's Association (AMWA).

We want to thank you for visiting our site and encourage you to check back often for updates on our upcoming events. In the meanwhile, peruse our pages to learn more about what is going on within the Elizabeth Blackwell Society right now!

Spring 2015 EBS Upcoming Events

March 27th, 12pm, JMEC 515  Dr. Engel 

Dr. Engel will be speaking about the challenges and  rewards of treating female veterans at the VA.

April 29th, 12:30pm, JMEC 505 E/W He Said, She Said 

Join us for a lunch panel on communication styles in healthcare. Couples from the Penn Med faculty will be discussing the complexities and differences of communication within genders both at work and at home.

April 9th, 6pm, JMEC 505 E/W Matriarchs of Penn Med

This annual dinner and panel is a valuable opportunity for students (both men and women) to hear from women in leadership positions in medicine. Dr. Gail Morrison, Dr. Emma Meagher, Dr. Rachel Kelz, Dr. Helen Davies, Dr. Iris Reyes, and Dr. Cindy Christian will be speaking about their career paths, maintaining a healthy work/life balance, as well as answering your questions!

May 2nd, 9a-1p, JMEC 506 E/W Paths to Medicine

We are excited to host our third annual "Paths to Medicine Event," a mentorship event of local high school girls. We are collaborating with the Penn Academy for Reproductive Sciences (PARS), a program that serves to educate high school girls about reproductive science, oncofertility, and bioethics. Our goal is to provide a fun educational experience for the students relating to women's health and give the students an opportunity to meet medical students. Activities will include a pathology case study, a suturing workshop and a medical skills workshop.